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Septic System Tips

Helpful hints to keep your septic system healthy:

  • Divert rainwater from the septic drain field. A soggy drain field won’t absorb and neutralize liquid waste. Plan landscaping, roof gutters, and foundation drains away from the septic drain field.
  • Keep trees away from the septic system. Discourage root damage by keeping trees at least 100 feet away from the septic system. Trees with very aggressive roots, such as willows, should be even farther away from the system.
  • Use septic friendly products. Use normal amounts of detergents, bleaches, drain cleaners, household cleaners and other products. Overuse of heavy cleaners kills bacteria in the septic tank, so solids won’t break down as well.
  • Avoid hazardous chemicals such as varnish, paint thinners, motor oils, gasoline and other similar chemicals. They can ruin your system and are a hazard to groundwater. Dispose of them properly.
  • The toilet isn’t a garbage disposal. NEVER flush cat litter, disposable diapers, Napkins, paper towels, cigarette butts, feminine hygiene products, or other non-biodegradable products such as plastic or rubber since they cannot be broken down easily if at all. Products such as this will settle in the green tank and be sucked into the pump and cause it to fail.
  • Avoid dumping grease and oil down the drain after cooking. They can build up and clog the septic tank pipes. Place it in a glass or plastic jar and place it in your garbage for removal.
  • Throw garbage in bags versus using the garage disposal to minimize build up. Many food products are not biodegradable and will settle in your septic tank or the green tank.
  • Do not overload the system. This is the primary cause of system failures. Early morning and bedtime are peak water use times in the bathroom. Run dishwashers and washing machines at other times of the day. Use the water saving functions on dishwashers and washing machines. Don’t do all the family laundry in one day. If possible, limit your laundry loads to two daily, giving your septic system a break in between.
  • Conserve water. Fix leaks and drips. If you replace old fixtures, install new “low flow” types. Use a displacer to reduce the amount of water needed to flush the toilet.
  • Use a septic system treatment, such as Rid-X Septic System Treatment, once a month to keep beneficial bacteria and enzyme levels high. The treatment’s bacteria and enzymes work to break up the sewage within the tank. In times of high water use or increase household cleaners, homeowners can protect themselves by increasing treatments to twice a month.
  • Keep a diagram of where the septic system is located in case an accident does happen and the system needs to be inspected immediately. The tanks have a “clean-out” hole in the top where the plumber will need to enter to pump out your septic tank.
  • Remember to have your septic tank checked by an expert every three to five years, and pumped when necessary.
  • NEVER attempt to open a septic tank yourself. Gases and bacteria in it are dangerous.

Put these tips to use for a clean and trouble-free septic system!