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Mayor Issues Declaration of Local Disaster Caused by Energy Emergency

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, Mayor Cory Glassburn issued a Declaration of Local Disaster and Order in response to the statewide energy emergency. This declaration will continue to allow the City of Lakeside City to take actions under our Emergency Management Plan and waive permit fees for emergency plumbing repairs for those affected by the extreme weather.
This new declaration of disaster allows for the following:
The City Manager or his or her designee is authorized to apply for local, state, and federal assistance as necessary and/or applicable;
Plumbing permit fees and other associated fees under Ordinance 13-06 are waived for the duration of this Order. This allows necessary permits to be waived for LSC residents and businesses for the large number of emergency repairs needed caused by the severe weather event.
This Declaration of Local Disaster and Order, prompted by the energy emergency, will take effect immediately after its issuance and last for a period of no more than seven (7) days from 12:00 p.m., Feb. 17, 2021, unless continued or renewed by the LSC City Council.