47 Donna Street Lakeside City, Texas 76308

Call : 940-691-6603

Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Category: News and Notices

Tree limbs at city park


There is to be no dumping of tree limbs or brush at the city park until further notice. The city apologizes for any inconvenience.

Holiday Trash Schedule

Holiday Schedule and Service Interruptions

No trash service on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. On weekdays following a holiday, weekly service is delayed one business day.

Bulk Trash Pickup


Bulk Trash pickup is the first Monday of every month. Please call 877-592-5030 to have your address placed on the pickup list. You MUST call NO LATER than the Friday before the first Monday of every month. If you call over the weekend, you will not be placed on the pickup list.

Lakeside City recycling bins

Just a reminder…

Lakeside City recycling bins are for APPROVED recycling items only. These are plastic bottles, paper, newspaper, broken down cardboard boxes, tin or aluminum cans. They are NOT for household garbage, car fenders, tillers, curtain rods, shingles, any construction material, tree limbs, etc. Please help us keep Lakeside City’s recycle bins!!

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